Market research agencies have the experience and expertise inhouse to engage with clients and produce the best designed questionnaire, meeting the need of their customer and each specific research project.

They also have great knowledge about analysing data and creating reports, but do they have experience when it comes to data collection and would it not be easier to outsource this to experienced professionals?

Many enterprise organisations have a highly experienced market research department and have the expertise inhouse to create a questionnaire. Also analyses and report writing can be added to most of these research professionals cv’s but data collection is not something they can do easily inhouse.

Outsourcing the data collection of their research projects is therefore becoming more and more important and essential moving forward.

SOC, SMART Outsourcing and Consultancy, provides a unique pallet of services to handle the part in the middle as they have a core focus on data collection. With over 25 years of experience, highly productive and educated staff, coving the EMEA and AMER working time zones, your projects will be handled with the utmost care and your data will be delivered according to your specifications ensuring quality, quick turn-around time and at acceptable cost.