Data collection is an important and essential part of the research process. It is a systematic process of gathering opinions, building knowledge, creating an image, capturing insights, finding opportunities, and sharing valuable information.

Based on data collected from research, businesses from different sizes and industries make decisions for a successful future. 

Outsourcing the collection of research data provides an opportunity for both market research companies, as well as enterprise organisations, to become more efficient and cost-effective, still ensuring quality and speed.

SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy is an experienced and established data collection partner and ready to support companies who want to ensure future success.



SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy

offers the following research solutions:


Outsourcing Research Services

Outsourcing your research needs gives you the opportunity to become more efficient and cost-effective, still ensuring quality and speed. Start your outsourcing now using SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy.

Project Management

Execution of online market research requires proper project management. Our team of project managers support our clients by reviewing research related fieldwork, validating collected data, authoring reports and communicating across various research constituencies.

Survey Programming

SMART Outsourcing & Consulting offers a range of survey programming options for outsourcing your research data collection. Tailored to the need of the customer.

Data Processing

The SMART Outsourcing & Consulting Data Processing team works continuously in utilizing various platform facilities for producing different solutions for custom data outputs according to the client preferences.


For market research studies which run across multiple countries, using multiple languages, translations services are often required. These services are offered directly via SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy.

Online Panel

Through our extensive and long standing relationship with boutique as well as globlal online panel providers, we offer online respondents for market research from countries across the globe.

‘We have partnered with SMART Outsourcing & Consulting as our full-time programmers for over 6 years and we have had a fantastic experience from day 1. The entire team is committed and engaged in making things work for us and for our clients. Mitra and her team never hesitate on going the extra mile to help us succeed.’

Miriam Nelson

Sr. Director of Operations at Greenberg Strategy

We trust that the information you can find on this website, provides a good overview of the general market research services SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy is offering.

To understand exactly how SOC can help you with your data collections projects, we suggest to have an informative conversation to discuss your outsourcing needs and our tailormade offering.

We hope you are open for an initial meeting with us to discuss our outsourcing and consulting capabilities and what we can do for your company. To setup a meeting or request further information, please contact us via info@socmr.com or fill out the form below.

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