For multi-county studies, translations services are offered directly via SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy.

We work with dedicated global translation agencies who:

  • have market research in mind
  • have extended experience in the research industry
  • are trained to understand simple, but also more challenging research processes
  • are able to anticipate on the unique linquistic and cultural challenges faced in global research projects

In other words, people who speak the language of the industry.

Speciafically for SOC clients the global translation agencies we work with, have built a Translation Memory (also referred to as TM). This not only speeds up the total translation process, it also helps to reduce the translation cost and these savings are passed onto our clients which is a huge advantage for them.

‘SMART Outsourcing & Consultancy managed our entire data collection process and we are more than satisfied, therefore continuing our coorporation with them.

Our project was a multi-country study across 7 countries, including 7 different languages, which included translations and online panel for hard to reach audiences. The complex project was handled with great professionalism.

This is what we expect from an exprienced outsourcing agency and SOC delivered to our satisfaction!’  


Research Manager at Global MR Agency