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xxxOLD About Us

Who we are?

Smart Outsourcing & Consultancy or SOC, is an international organisation providing online market research, survey programming, data analytics and data management services for the market research, corporations, marketers and such like industries.

We strive to become an integral contributor to our client’s success through a team committed to achieving excellence. Our clients can rely on our experienced survey programmers, project managers and data specialists to help them increase their competitive advantage by reducing costs and decreasing delivery times.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and at SOC we pride ourselves with promoting long-term, seamless partnerships based on cooperation, support and mutual respect.

Why us?

Our professional services team will go beyond managing the full cycle of your projects by providing 24/7 service.

Also what differentiates us is our management team, whom have been responsible for leading international research operations for agencies and corporations.  They are experts in applying innovative technology developments in market research and data management, therefore we really understand what a successful research operation is all about.